Jut and Jul are back!

Jut and Jul are back!

The beauty of Zooi is that the limitations of the residual material are your starting point when you’re designing products.  You have residual material in a certain dimension and shape and you start from there. With Jut and Jul we have discovered that this can really be a limitation. The residual material with the original thickness had become minimal due to some changes in the cabinet range and the addition of smaller products, all of which is obviously very good for the reduction of waste. However, it was not so good for Jut and Jul and the supply has been really tight lately.

Luckily, the guys in the laser department came up with a brilliant solution; if we were to modify the thickness of Jut from 1.5 mm to 0.9 mm, we would be able to replenish our stock, since there is plenty of residual material available in that size. After some testing we found out that this thickness was even better, since it is much lighter and still high-quality material.

We are happy to report that the stock has been replenished and we will keep replenishing in the coming period.

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