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Candle holder Wout


Double candle holder Wout creates a nice atmosphere all by itself. This is also thanks to the different heights of the 2 candle holders.

Tip: Place Wout between the snacks during a cosy evening of drinks.

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Willize te Maaten designed the steel candleholder Wout, in addition to the candlesticks Willize and Willize XL, during her internship. Candlestick Wout is made entirely from residual materials from 3 different chair. The 2 candle holders are residual material from a 4-legged chair, the 2 uprights are residual material from a wire-frame chair and the bottom ring is residual material from a college chair.

Wout is suitable for candles with a diameter of 22 mm.
Placing Wout on a nice wooden shelf or bowl on the table will prevent candle wax from getting on your table.

Additional information

Weight 0,49 kg
Dimensions 7 × 23,5 cm

Cortenstaal, Mooi rood, Sparkling black, Waste gray, White, Zaans geel, Zooi groen