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A versatile fruit bowl, that’s Jut. Fruit bowl Jut creates a sleek atmosphere in every room. The bent steel allows for a beautiful and original design.

Tip: Create your own version of (lamp shade) Jul with Jut!


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Jut is made from residual sheet steel. During the production of steel cabinets, pieces of steel that are too small for new cabinet parts are often left over. The remaining sheets were discarded in the scrap iron bin. The sheets are now filled with Jut and Jul. Jut is made from 0.9 mm thick sheet steel.

The fruit bowl is equipped with 4 plastic protection buttons on the bottom, to prevent damage to your table or counter.

Fruit bowl is the general function description we have chosen for this bowl, but, in addition to fruit, this bowl can of course be filled with plenty of other ‘Zooi’.

Additional information

Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 29.7 × 9.6 cm

Bronze, Mooi rood, Sparkling black, Waste gray, White, Zooi groen

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