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candle holder Wim


A home is even more cosier with some candles on the table. Candleholder Wim creates a cosy ambiance in every home. Wim is made from residual waste of a table and a chair.

Tip: combine Wim and Wim XL for a nice effect.

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We have gathered small pieces of residual material and strewn them across a table. Then we collected a tube, ring and plate, and formed candleholder Wim.

A beautiful and simple design, created from the limitations of the available residual material. The steel plate is made from residual sheet steel and is already used as a sample for the various colours of powder coating. The 2 holes are there to easily mount the plates to the rail of the spraying cabin. Now we use the same plates as base plate for Wim. The base plate prevents candle wax dripping on the table. The tube is a residual piece of a chair leg and the ring is left over from a table leg.

The combination of Wim with Wim XL creates a dynamic height difference on the table.

Additional information

Weight 0,107 kg
Dimensions 8,5 × 8,5 × 4 cm

Cortenstaal, Bronze, Mooi rood, Sparkling black, Waste gray, Zaans geel, Zooi groen