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Serving tray Rose


How nice it is to take your appetisers with you on tray Roos. Tray Roos is made of residual sheet steel.

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Tray Roos was specially designed for De Meshallen in Wijchen. But with just the Z-tje of Zooi in it, we thought Roos would also be very nice for your home! The Z-tje is in the tray on two sides. During the production of steel cabinets, pieces of plate are regularly left over that are too small for new cabinet parts. The leftover plates disappeared into the scrap iron bin. The plates are now filled with, among others, the tray Roos.

Roos has 4 plastic protective caps on the underside, so your table or counter top will not be damaged.

Additional information

Dimensions 42 × 30 × 4 cm

Sparkling black