hanger Sjaak


Hang your clothes on hanger Sjaak. Sjaak makes sure that your clothing stays put.

Tip: Sjaak is a perfect fit for (dressboy) Liza and Liza XL!

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Sjaak is entirely made from residual material. The hook is made from residual material of a student table and the bar is made from residual material of a chair frame. The bar is not a hollow tube but a solid bar. This makes it very sturdy and stable.

Combine Sjaak with hangers Ron and Henk for optimal use. It would be a shame to let Sjaak disappear behind a cabinet door, so use him on your dressboy or on the coat rack in the hallway.

Additional information

Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 45,3 × 13,4 cm

Sparkling black, Waste gray

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