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Hang your clothing from dressboy Liza XL and ironing hasn’t been in vain. Ideal to air out your clothing, hang your coat or to transform your pretty dress into an eye-catching item in the bedroom. Dressboy Liza XL is made from residual material of a student table and chair.

Tip: Sjaak, Ron and Henk look great with Liza XL!

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The dressboy was named after Liza Ammerlaan, she designed this beautiful dressboy during her internship period for her study Industrial Product design. The legs are made from 3 remaining pieces of the production of a student table. The intermediate tube is residual material from the production of chairs.

Assembling Liza is a piece of cake! All you need is an Allen key size 5. You fasten the intermediate tube with the 2 (supplied) screws and that’s it! A user manual is supplied in the packaging.

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Weight 7,2 kg
Dimensions 81,4 × 40,4 × 108,2 cm

Sparkling black

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