“All sorts of things together, without order”

“All sorts of things together, without order”

The Dutch dictionary defines the word zooi as: “all sorts of things together, without order”, or, in good English, a mess. But for us, a mess is something completely different. We see mess on a daily basis in the factory. By mess we mean the residual materials that are left over. Those residual materials are our mess, but in a good way, “a beautiful mess” since it is the main resource for our products.

Being creative with various parts that have been thrown away is one of our favourite things to do, all day, every day. The creative team at Zooi designs new products in all sorts of ways. One example is Wim.

We took a large pile of stuff, dumped it on a table, started sorting and puzzling and eventually created candleholder Wim from 3 components.

After ideas for a rocket, crocodile and chess game didn’t make the cut, Wim managed to make it to the finish line. Wim is so much fun thanks to his simplicity!

I, for one, think Wim is great and I already have two of them standing on my table at home! We will continue to sort and puzzle with residual materials in the future and create even more Beautiful Zooi. My definition of Zooi is now: beautifully sorted residual materials. And as a bonus: wouldn’t Wim or Wim XL look great on your Christmas table for breakfast, brunch, lunch or a traditional Christmas dinner?

De waardering van zooi.nl bij Webwinkel Keurmerk Klantbeoordelingen is 9.6/10 gebaseerd op 105 reviews.

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